A New Breed of Billing Solution

The world isn't black and white, and great billing software shouldn't be either.
That's why Zebra Payment Technologies' sophisticated,
user-friendly billing solutions are customized to meet your unique needs.


Zebra Payment Technologies sees our clients as individuals, helping you stand out from the crowd. We know that running any kind of business, no matter the size, is a complex, one-of-a-kind venture and we design our payment solutions accordingly.

Each software solution is straightforward and user-friendly, taking into account the uniqueness of your business, with the features that are most relevant to you. With a completely secure, comprehensive system to automate your billing processes, you can focus on the things that matter most - running your business.

Our wide range of clients demonstrates how hard we work to create tailored solutions. From small businesses to large-scale enterprises, Zebra Payment Technologies products are now being used by manufacturers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, schools, and many more, worldwide.



At Zebra Payment Technologies, we take pride in making sure our software is perfectly suited to each client. Every billing solution is carefully customized with features unique to that client's business.

Essential Billing Solution

Our Essential Billing Solution is at the core of every Zebra software solution. All of our products include advanced invoicing tools, support for recurring billing, ticket management, employee time tracking and more. Once the system is up and running, data can be analyzed in a myriad of ways, with a variety of detailed charts and graphs available at just one click. High availability and data protection are always our top concern.

Credit Card Processing

Whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar, your choice of credit card processor is essential and Zebra strives to offer the most competitive rates on the market. We invite you to switch to Zebra's credit card processing and benefit from lower merchant fees.



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